Prestige Class Basics Edit

Prestige classes are special classes which one can take levels in if they possess the prerequisites listed in the class. They vary from class to class and allow for some outstanding abilities and powers usually unknown to the world or held by a specific few. There are normal Pathfinder Prestige classes which can be found listed here.


Many of these classes can still be utilized within the Disgaea tabletop game but need a few adjustments, mainly the addition of techniques per day. To rectify this you can either grant techniques per day as you see fit, or fillow the progressions of a similar prestige class listed here.

Prestige Classes Edit

Awakened Fate Administrator

Battle Priest

Black Knight


Celestial Host

Dark Amalgamation

Dark Hero

Defender of Earth

Demon General Magician

Demon General Warrior

Demon Wrought

Dimensional Gate Keeper



Gideon/Divine Majin

Grimoire Summoner

Guided Fate Revolutionary



Item Worlder


King of the Decrepit

Master of Life and Death

Nether Nurse

Netherworld Idol

Omega Sentinel

Onmyo Monk

Overlord of Magic

Overlord of Revenge

Overlord of War

Powered Suit

Prism Ranger

Pure Heart Disciple



Silver Wolf

Time Traveler

Vampire Tyrant

Werewolf Lord