Nomadic beast people, the Goat Beastmen usually live in desserts, and are known for being shepherds. They often practice divination magic and become shamans or astrologists or astronomers.

•    Goat Beastmen Characters gain +2 to Strength and Wisdom and a -2 penalty to Intelligence. The Goat Beastmen are strong and wise, but kind of lacking when it comes to book smarts.

•    Humanoid •    Goat Beastmen gain a +1 bonus to Natural armor due to their thick skin.

•    Medium: As Medium creatures, Goat Beastmen have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

•    Goat Beastmen base land speed is 30 feet

•    Goat Beastmen have a natural attack in the form of a hoof. This deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage.

•    Goat Beastmen gain a +4 racial bonus to survival checks.

•    Automatic Languages: English or Japanese.

Bonus Languages: Any (Unless specifically noted)

Mind's Eye (Ex) Goat Beastmen are natural born astronomers and astrologists and have learned to judge the future based on the stars. Goat Beastmen can choose to gain a +1 bonus to any D20 roll, before the roll is made. This can be used 3 times per day.

Diviners (Su) Goat Beastmen are natural diviners. As such a Goat Beastman gains a +1 bonus to their caster level when casting a divination spell, or when using a divination spell from a magic item. In addition they gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against divination spells and a +1 bonus to save DC's for their own divination spells.