Dwarves Edit

A race of people good with machinery. Their dwellings are chaotic and full of machines and spare parts, shocking others with their advanced technology. You name it, they build it. From tiny machines to the largest of devices. Being a naturally cheerful race they party like it's 1999 daily.

Dwarves utilize the same base statistics as they do within the Normal Pathfinder RPG [1] with the following change.

The Dwarf can use it's stonecunning ability on metal objects as well as stone.

Leprechaun Edit

Leprechauns are related to dwarves and possess latent magical abilities. They use these magic powers to cause mischief and to aid them in the construction of their mighty robots.


The Leprechaun uses statistics for the Leprechaun from the normal Pathfinder D20 rules save for the following additions.

The Leprechaun possesses the Offense Mastery Evility and gain a +1 bonus on all melee attack rolls. Furthermore the Leprechaun gains all of the racial abilities (Stonecunning ect...) of a dwarf.

Maestro Edit

Powerful Dwarven creatures, the Maestro is a leader amongst Dwarves. They possess supernatural powers that they use to aid themselves in crafting mighty Guardians or Ruin Automatas.

Maestros use the rules for Axiomites from the Pathfinder Bestiary [3], however they possess the following changes.

Maestros possess the Evilities Fury and Geo Energy, meaning they gain a +5 bonus to damage on attacks of opportunity and 5 times per day as a swift action, it can increase an ability score by +1 for every two geo panels within 30 feet of you for 10 rounds.

Parts Removal (Su): 5 times per day as a standard action, a Maestro can make a single attack against an opponent at their highest base attack bonus. If this attack hits the enemy must succeed in a DC: 20 fortitude saving throw or have a magical item, their armor, or weapon knocked 5 feet away from them instantly.

Maestros also possess the techniques Boomerang Axe, Colossal Fissure DC: 20, and World Rounder DC: 21 each usable once per day.