Bestiary Basics Edit

The bestiary is a collection of terrible and powerful monsters from countless worlds both Nether and not. A list of beasts taken straight out of the Nippon Ichi world and thrust onto the table top to face the powerful characters you create.

Here are some links to basic Pathfinder Creature rules which you should be familiar with before moving on to the Disgaea creatures.

Monster Introduction: [1]

Monster Creation: [2]

Monster Advancement: [3]

Universal Monster Rules: [4]

Creature Types: [5]

Monsters as PCs: [6]

Monster Feats: [7]

Creature Changes Edit

Though many rules have stayed the same for the Disgaea d20, there are some minor additions to the rules, specifically those listed below.

Monster Classes

As described in the Monster Classes Section, Monster classes are different than simple monsters. They are monsters whom have worked to the point to become their own creatures, separate from others of their type. As such they have obtained abilities and class differences. These Monster classes are only considered their type (Outsider, Undead, Ect...) for the purpose of being effected by spells, as well as racial immunities. They only gain what it states that they gain in their description and oftentimes have different saving throws and attack bonuses than a usual monster of their kind.


Most creatures in the Disgaea D20 possess access to one or two techniques. Some of these can make a creature somewhat stronger, however with the additions of new abilities to all of the base classes I felt no need to change their Challenge rating unless I added an obscene amount of abilities. This may change in the future.

Monster Weapons

Some non humanoid creatures will be listed as being able to utilize a type of monster weapon, unless otherwise noted the GM can choose to grant the monster one of those weapons.

New Subtypes

To better fit into the Disgaea Universe a set of new sub-types have been created which you can find in the Subtypes section.

Monster Cohorts

Occasionally you can recruit specific monsters to be your followers that list is in the Monster Cohorts section below.



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